Senior Companion Care

Tailored Care Plans

Companion care is tailored to the specific needs of our individual clients. A&M Home Care can provide companion care at home, home hospice or in an assisted living situation. The goal of companion care is to:

• Provide emotional support

• Improve the quality of life of our clients

• Enable our client to participate in social activities

Provide respite for a family caregiver

Companion care can be combined with personal care assistance such as grocery shopping, light housekeeping, and chores that support or maintain the independence of our clients.

In-Home Senior Care - Companionship

In-Home Senior Care - Companionship

The Benefits of Companion Care


Senior companionship improves the quality of life of our clients. Companionship goes beyond just care giving and is a symbiotic relationship that enables the senior to thrive. On a social level having friends and companions enables people to talk about challenges, express grief, and to find resources to solve problems. On a personal level, a quality companion is someone that the senior not only looks forward to visiting with, doing things with but also is someone on which they can rely. Older people worry about many of their challenges that were once an easy part of the day such as going to the grocery store or transportation to and from doctors appointments. Companionship helps to remove the worry and burden, so that seniors can focus on living a quality life.

The impact of having a companion often leads to a longer and healthier life with improved well-being. When we are alone, we suffer and are at higher risk of dementia and forgetfulness. There is a lack of ambition and it can be associated with depression. Companion care can nurture a love for life.

At A&M Home Care, we understand how important it is for our clients to receive quality care. Our companion care offers a variety of services that will help not only our clients but also our clients’ loved ones, both physically and emotionally. It is common for a family caregiver to have feelings of guilt when considering companion care. Although we may try our best to constantly be there for our parents and elderly loved ones, it can be difficult to balance with all of life’s responsibilities. A&M Home Care can give family caregivers a respite by providing compassionate and specialized in-home care to our clients, especially if they have specific physical or mental limitations. 

Close, constant companionship has been linked to helping stave off symptoms of depression in individuals over the age of 65.

Companions offer an avenue for our clients to share concerns of their own well-being or physical health. According to Dr. Karen Roberto, a gerontologist at the University of Northern Colorado, friendships are important for senior individuals because they help maintain good mental health. In a study of friendships among individuals ages 65 to 91, Roberto found “Developing new friendships is important for the elderly because it can help them maintain good mental health… Elderly people who have friends report greater feelings of independence and worthiness than those who don’t.”